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Monday, December 27 2021
Lack of Port Workers and Truckers, and Now Omicron

Florida— We all know how critical truck drivers are as a component of our country’s supply chains, who were in short supply in 2021 as the U.S. experienced labor shortages across several industries. As we remember the stories of 2021, the one that made headlines for months, in preparation for the holiday season and beyond were for example the amount of ships backed up on the west coast. It was a clear and present representation of the supply chain crisis, where dozens of ships were eagerly waiting to unload their goods, while consumers expected their holiday shopping items to arrive and be ready for the celebrations.  Obviously, the supply shortage was not limited to popular toys and clothing, but it included the holiday early decorations and food for the celebrations, which added a whole lot of tension in households as well as the retailers who were wondering what to do with all the merchandise, if after all, items didn’t arrive on time.

Outbreaks from the Delta variant worsened supply chain turmoil earlier this year, causing computer chip and other factories to shut down.

Interesting Fact

The economy also suffers from a global semiconductor chip shortage.The chip shortage produced an explosion in the price of used cars, as new vehicles were in short supply. Rental car companies also sold off some of their fleets during the pandemic, and the shortage of available cars led to higher prices for people trying to rent a vehicle.

Later, as we approached the season, the lack of port workers and truckers to take the goods and move them out of the port, and the surging demand in 2021 as people emerged from their virus-induced isolation and returned to normal purchasing habits, produced what some may call a perfect storm. To give you an idea, imports to the Port of Los Angeles were up 30% in 2021 compared to the preceding year.

Where are the truck drivers? The American Trucking Associations has steadily sounded the alarm about a truck driver shortage. Chris Spear, the president and CEO of the ATA, estimated earlier this year that the industry is now down about 80,000 drivers amid the supply chain crunch — a record high.

Now, dealing with the Omicron variant, the U.S. Department of Commerce, according to CNN, has expressed a concern that it could exacerbate pressure on the already stressed-out  global supply chain, although it is too early to predict.

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